Thursday, April 23, 2009

New things are A comin'!

I know my post are far and few. But, to me that's a good thing.
That means I am staying busy!

I have kicked off the spring/summer with my flip flops. They are a must have if you are in the deep south. Why not sport some cute jazzed up flops since they are a necessity anyway.

I hope to upgrade to old navy flops soon. While there is nothing wrong with the flip flops I use now I think folks will flock to them if they are name brand.

Just a few designs I've recently done.

Over these past couple of years I've became friends or acquaintance's with many people and a lot of my customers have actually been photographers. A photographer is always on the hunt for new props and ideas. Just like I am always trying to scheme up new designs....lets just say it can be the perfect combo.

I am excited to say that one particular photographer liked my tutu's enough to give me the great offer of letting me set some in her shop!

This is a great advantage to me as I'm sure she feels the same. I have always heard great things about Christian Burge Photography. She definitely has awesome work.

Hopefully, maybe this will open up even more doors for me. We'll see. I'll definitely be praying about it.

Not to leave out others I've worked with with great talent....

Me and Kayla teamed up to do a Tutu photo shoot. I needed some pictures for the website and she was courteous enough to lend her time and expertise in capturing fun photos of our tutu girls!
Each lil model also got to go home that day with their very own tutu!!

Belle Ami Photography have also purchased a few tutus and is a very dear friend to me. I love her uniqueness, and beautiful backgrounds!

I hope to meet many more new friends in the future. I really feel this is a new beginning!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is a comin!

Hello my friends. Its been awhile. I have been a busy bee getting spring bow orders out!
I think its the busiest time of year.

I have found some time to revamp the website. Keep in mind its not perfected yet. But, its slowly coming together.

Remember I offer 10% off, if you order 10 or more of a certain item. A lot of customers have taken advantage of this seeing as everyone needs to have a bow to match all the cute spring/summer clothes that are finally being put out!

I will be adding a new section soon. I will take custom orders to match your outfits. All you have to do is send me a high quality pictures of the outfit needing a matching bow...and I'll do the rest.


Of course I've matched more than two outfits but I'm thinking of adding it to the website.
These were "myspace" orders.

O.k. So I've saved the best for last. I came across these cute tutu tank tops
over the weekend and I just had to make one right away (check out that $44 price tag btw!)
So I searched through the girls summer attire for a tank top (a neccessity in the deep
and I found a bright orange one.
I also added some of my scrap greggy girl flowers as embellishment around the bottom.
It was so easy that I went ahead and made her some matching ruffle bottom capri's to match....
Omg isn't this adorable....I think this would be great to introduce to the tweens and teens.
Heck, the whole family can rock one!!!
I of course wouldn't rock that $44 price tag though.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Glitter Graphics

Welcome to Den's TuTuCute Boutique blog. I have decided to add a blog linked to the website to keep you updated on promotions, ideas, and even free instructions!

I take pride in making beautiful creations. Feel free to bookmark both the blog and my site to check out new things going on or added.

I will be adding a monthly newsletter and a form to fill out if you would like to be added to the list.

Wanna be my friend on myspace? Just click and add.